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01-24-2014, 05:37 AM
Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. Lots of great information on this forum!

I've got on order a 2014 3500/144" with the OM651 engine and we're really looking forward to using it as the basis for many future family trips, such as Yellowstone this summer. Delivery should be in late March, with some time available to upfit for the upcoming adventures.

One thing has come up. I had originally planned on installing a two-person bench seat from a T1N in between the rear wheel wells. This would give me additional seating capacity when moving kids around and when cargo space is needed for vacations, I could remove it. However, the installer said that this seat supports' width doesn't match the corrugated channels in the floor of the Sprinter and so, in order to make this work, they'll need to go with a 3-person bench from a

One question I had regarding the up fit. I was planning on installing a 2-person bench seat from a T1N. However, I'm wondering if the width between the seat supports needs to match the corrugation of the Sprinter floor (which given it's from a different model it probably doesn't). Is that a concern? I thought the bracket for the bench is routed into the wood floor anyways.


01-24-2014, 05:48 AM
...and in probably the fastest case of someone asking a Q and giving himself an answer...it appears that the T1N seats shouldn't be installed to a NCV3...


Customer supplied me with a seat from a 2005 TIN and wanted it installed in a 2008 CRD model.

We checked to mounting rail dimensions, they are completely different in spacing dimensions to that of the TIN seat frame anchorages.
At that point I refused the job.

The customer wanted me to make up some adapter plates, I refused as this now becomes a safety issue,

The seat MUST sit in the rail as it forms part of a passive restraint for occupants. In the event of a collision the belted occupants will be retained in the seat when properly anchored to the floor. Should the seat let go then occupants will get thrown around inside with possible ejection from the vehicle.
In short don't be tempted to MAKE it fit!