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11-15-2013, 06:34 PM
My symptoms are:
lhm stuck in second with no changing of transmission
have reverse
able to drive about 50 km/hr
steeler says transmission control module wants to charge $700

It was time for a transmission change so I have taken the van home, drained the fluid, dropped the valve body and I find this little piece of metal (top arrow) stuck in the plastic circle disk(bottom arrow). Now here is the real question.. any ideas where it is from and.. thoughts on just buying a new plate?
There has been very little metal in my tranny over the years. I change it about every year just for routine maintenance.

I can't see any place where this piece would be on the plate. It appears to be thin but not sure if it is electrical copper or a retaining clip of some type.. It's very odd.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Not really wanting to put everything back together and fill with fluid only to find I need to drop and replace..
PS dealer wanted $700 for fluid and filter change.. crazy. I know we all need to make a living but really..

11-15-2013, 07:03 PM
If I remember correctly the circle is a spinning speed sensor, so if something was stuck in it that may have stopped the spinning and triggered your LHM symptoms.

You may want to look under your driver's seat for the TCModule in the fuse panel and pull it out to see if oil has wicked up from the transmission connector wires.

Removing that black plastic plate in the transmission conductor area may reveal the source of the metal.

PS. If you do need to go back in the transmission after filling with new fluid, you can drain the fluid into a clean pan and re-use the new fluid IMHO

11-15-2013, 07:47 PM
So removed the plastic plate, then removed the plastic piece on it as well to expose the tracings.. See pic. It all looks present. Not sure if that wheel no spinning would cause the fault but I have heard of stranger things. That plastic disk must create a charge or something if it spins allowing the 2 metal copper plates to have some type of current. I have looked at all the pics of this piece and they all appear NOT to have any piece of copper on them (the plastic round floating wheel that is). I have no idea where this piece is from.. Thanks for the check on the oil moving into the driver's seat area.. Pulling off the seat now to make sure that is not the case.. My bets that the plastic disk not spinning was the issue and since I can not find where it comes from and the plate looks good, I am going to piece everything back and see if that was the issue..It's like having an extra bolt after you put your mac computer back together..ugg