View Full Version : Help 2008 Dodge Sprinter gets stuck in 1st gear

11-11-2013, 12:20 AM
1st post and I need your help guys....
Hello Everyone!

When I 1st put the truck in drive it works perfect going through all of the gears.
If you put the sprinter in PARK AND THEN DRIVE WITHOUT turning the engine off it will only stay in 1st gear. You can try to manually shift high and low but it will NOT work.....
You have to turn the engine OFF & then ON and resets and drives or once again?

11-11-2013, 01:10 AM
That may be just the way it works.
Are you sure that when you shift from park back to Drive you aren't pushing the shift lever to the left at all?
If you make that shift P (park) to D (drive) with left pressure on the shift lever, it will drop to 1st gear if you are not moving.
Have you tried pressing the shift lever to the right when it's in the D (drive) position.....that would shift it up through the gears
to drive.
Once locked in first by LH pressure on the shift lever (either inadvertent when shifting from P to D) or if you have manually downshifted
it (say to slow down for a traffic light or stop sign at the bottom of a hill) to 1st gear the little gear change readout will show "1" meaning
it's locked into 1st gear until you tell it to upshift by pushing the shift lever to the right (away from your knee).
You can upshift by pushing the shift lever to the right and it should go up one gear at a time unless you hold it there (in which
case it will cycle through the gears until it reaches D, but you will still be in first gear, the shifter readout says D and when you pull away the
transmission will upshift through the gears normally.
If yours works differently you may need to visit an authorized Mercedes Benz Sprinter Commercial dealer and have the TCM (Transmission Control
Module) evaluated with the MB Star Diagnosis System.
Hope this helps,

11-11-2013, 01:36 AM
No I'm going straight from park to drive ( not + or -).
It will NOT let you use manually meaning up shift or down shift and it shows a "D" on the screen.
You have to pull over, cut the truck off and back on (RESET), JUST to be able to go through the gears like it should, otherwise you would be stuck in 1st gear?

( something is telling the computer to stay in 1st gear and there is NO override but to cut off and on???)

11-11-2013, 01:55 AM
OK, I thought that might be the case.
I suggest you visit a dealer with the MB SDS diagnostics system and have them check out your TCM and the shifter switches
in the dash that connect to the shift lever. I believe it's a module of some sort at the base of the shift lever, probably expensive
but that may be what it takes to get your Sprinter shifting correctly!