View Full Version : 2006 sprinter trans will only work 10 seconds at a time?

10-06-2013, 06:51 PM
Hi All, been researching this for a while, maybe some one can steer me in a direction.
Ok, Had a 2006 Sprinter 3500 towed in the other day. The complaint is that the transmission has no frictional connection in forward or reverse. So, I hook up the SDS do a quick test, there are codes in every control module, a lot of junk. So I start by clearing everything to start fresh. After clearing codes, I started the van, put it in drive, it moved forward for 10 seconds, and then, no frictional connection in forward or reverse. Perform Quick test. No codes found in ETC/EGS, only code found was for the ABS return pump. Cleared codes again. Vehicle moved in forward and reverse, for 10 seconds. Still no codes in ETC/EGS. When the transmission quits pulling, the engine can not be revved over 1,200rpms, so that tells me the vehicle is in some sort of default running mode. All my training has been specifically on Mercedes Passenger Cars, so I feel I am missing some sort of german commercial vehicle logic. One person suggested that a commercial vehicle will kill the trans if it see any electrical fault in the braking system for the obvious safety reasons. Can any one back this up? I have not seem any information that would suggest this is correct. I have checked all the norms, no fluid in the control module, thirteen pin connector is not leaking, transmission fluid is clean and at the proper level, no whine from the front pump, ABS module has all power and grounds. ABS return pump does not run when activated, so this is a real problem and needs replacement.
Trying to avoid sending this guy to the dealership, so he and I both will be greatful if any one can shed some light on this issue.

10-06-2013, 07:13 PM
My first thoughts are TCM module or relay under the driver's seat. (Blue relay.)
It has a an intermittent drop out rendering no transmission control.

Also don't negate the printed circuit on top of the valve block.
There are two speed sensors in there and they communicated with the TCM in series to get speeds & controls.
You may be having a drop out which the system isn't seeing something hence a no code condition.

Just for grins and giggles do you have any related repair history on the beast?
What has been done recently might have a bearing on the problem.

But then you know that!
Cheers Dennis

10-06-2013, 07:48 PM
The customer has had this van for about a year, I have done all the basic service work. The transmission has been replaced in its short 143,000 mile existence. Tried the blue relay, just jumped it, separated the TCM to inspect the circuit board, all looked well. Have not inspected the conductor plate, I have a good used one here, so I will probably replace that and see what happens.