View Full Version : Leaking radiator hose!

09-26-2013, 01:51 PM
I have a leaking radiator hose on my 2008 Sprinter. It is the second hose from the bottom on the passenger side of the van. There is no standard hose clamp to tighten down to stop the leak. The hose has a metal sleeve that "slides" into the another sleeve on the radiator. I can physically wiggle it to make the coolant leak slower or much faster. We've lost several cups overnight and the leak isn't stopping.
Can I put a another hose clamp over the sleeve and tighten the hose down, or will it damage the metal (aluminum?) sleeve? Is this a warranty fix? The clamp/sleeve arrangement looks pretty Micky Mouse to me!

Image0253 is looking down on the hose/clamp.
Image0249 is looking up on the hose/clamp. If I "wiggle" this leak gets much worse.

Thanks Sprinter Forum Folks!