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09-23-2013, 08:15 PM
Hi there. First time posting on this site and hoping you guys could help me out with an issue I have been having. Its on a 2006 dodge sprinter with 408,000 km. Started getting a check engine light about a week ago. With my hand-held Codetech scanner by Launch it is showing fault codes P069- Map barometric Press Correlation and P0106- Barometric Press out of range. The van starts and idles fine and will get up to highway speeds etc. but is lacking power at low rpms and bogs down when entering and exiting on/off ramps. Seems like the turbo is running at 70 percent or so. Won't spool up like it normally does. I have changed the map sensor overtop of the air filter box, replaced air filter, checked all hoses and connections for leaks and even removed the turbo resonator and checked for cracks. Seems fine. Not really sure where to go from here. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

09-23-2013, 10:43 PM
Either a ScanGuage II or UltraGuage EM can be set to show realtime Boost, Map Pressure, the temp of the Intake (after the intercooler) - these will assist in figuring out what is wrong in the case of performance issues.

Most of the time its an air leak in the turbo hoses, turbo resonator, intake (to the Turbo) hose or intercooler. When did you last change any of these hoses or the turbo resonator? The turbo resonators are known for this type of problem (and you can buy an aluminum part to fit in its place that will never fail again).

Usually, your on board computer sees some value (or set of them) that indicates it should scale back performance, or go into Limp Home Mode. It could be any of the sensors or the EGR too.

You likely need a Sprinter compatible ODBII reader (most other ones don't pick up specific information that you need). The errors you are getting don't help that much.

09-23-2013, 11:09 PM
Your scan readings are a bit off, but then I wouldn't be too concerned as you are using a Launch.
I suspect you have fault P0105 boost pressure sensor, or MAP sensor as Dodge calls it. This is found on the ABS housing mount which is part and partial of the long turbo boost hose. Held in by two 5mm set screws. The one on the side held by two claw like clips is the turbo inlet temp sensor which rarely fails.

This sensor has been changed several times over the life of the Sprinter since introduction.
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Chris Francis
09-24-2013, 01:02 AM
Any idea where to find a reasonably priced Sprinter scanner? By reasonable, I mean less than the van, or less than a new set of tires.

09-24-2013, 12:45 PM
Any idea where to find a reasonably priced Sprinter scanner? By reasonable, I mean less than the van, or less than a new set of tires.

Well you won't find anything "good" in the DIY range of stuff.

Look therefore to discarded professional used scanners.
One I have in mind is the OTC Genysis.
Here is one for sale on Fleabay.

If you have some mattress money then the later EVO will work:-

The unit was also sold under the Mack Mentor or Challenger nomenclature by one of the other tool suppliers but it is the same thing.

Now be careful!!!
These units when first introduced were a disaster, and about 8 years ago the company OTC were doing a buy back & sale of a new unit for the price of an update $1350.
They have been updated again to version 4. Which is the one to go for if you are considering a good scanner.
Since then OTC (they make the DRB 111 as well) has introduced a new scanner for about $3500 which I consider crap and no better than an Autel Maxidas for about $2000.

Nevertheless there are good used units out there often on sale by the Pro tool trucks like Snappy who have taken them in part exchange for something like a Snap on Modis or Solus Pro. The best thing is to go onto a tool truck often found at a dealership selling their wares in the yard and ask the sales guy if they have one. They don't re-sell too well to the trade techs so you can often get it loaded for about $500 if you can drive a hard bargain.

The EVO is the next generation of the same tool and you can buy it new from about $850 up.

The unit has re-chargeable batteries so it needs to be regularly charged up by a wall socket adapter but it can be used as a very reliable and accurate code reader as well as live data selectable screen. The best feature is Mode 6 basically an accurate way of determining if the fault has been fixed before the Mil lamp comes on.

09-24-2013, 02:15 PM
I have changed the map sensor overtop of the air filter box

I think you maybe changed the MAF (Mass Air Flow) rather than the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor. MAF measures air flow, MAP (or Boost Pressure) measures the actual pressure available. Obviously there should be a direct correlation between the values, sometimes an error is due to the ECM detecting a problem with correlation (which could be either sensor or more often a leak in the turbo ducting) but when there is a code for a sensor reading out of range (the voltage output from the sensor is not in a range the ECM recognises) it usually points to sensor failure.

09-24-2013, 07:46 PM
Well folks looks like I found my problem. I had the pressure sensor or map sensor off of the ABS housing mount same one that has the claw mount sensor on the side. (Thanks to Lindenengineering) What I found was one of the brass inserts was loose and was spinning in the housing. I glued it in with epoxy and also found that the o-ring was cut half-way thru therefore causing loss of boost. Re-assembled everything and was able to clear codes with my Launch scanner. Took for a drive and now runs out like it should.Thanks to everyone for their input. Just imagine the fun the stealership would have with that one.
Regards Geoff

Chris Francis
09-24-2013, 11:44 PM
Wow! Still a pile of money for a code reader. I will keep my eyes peeled though. Thanks.

09-25-2013, 12:59 PM
Wow! Still a pile of money for a code reader. I will keep my eyes peeled though. Thanks.

Well just out of interest I spoke to my Snappy rep yesterday about this very subject as I paid my weekly dues for a revolving tool account.

Seems I was spot on! He didn't currently have any OTC SPX used scanners on the truck but had a lightly used Launch for $500 in working order.--But would haggle on the price!

Since we see four tool trucks trundle into our shop every week I could ask each one of them if they have good Pro scannners available should anyone on this forum be interested.

So if entering a tool truck with a lot of us professionals milling about talking shop is not your bag, then drop me a line and I will see what's about. I suppose at least I can test one on a Sprinter to verify it works before you shell out the money.

Chris Francis
09-25-2013, 01:41 PM
One of those trucks comes by my shop once a week. I will have my mechanic ask his guy to see what he has available. Will the OBD2 read anything on the Sprinter?

09-25-2013, 02:26 PM
I will read most of the fault codes you will encounter. Yes its fully OBD2 readable as long as it has the update program to encompass the year of the vehicle you are working on etc.
In short you can go simply Global OBD2 and read a vehicle for OBD2 complaince and faults.

Equally you can go model specific following the prompts and personality insert on the cable and read incl ABS, Air bag etc that specific platform you have plugged into.

One thing it won't do is scan and program security systems like the Skeem module but it will get into some of the faults related to that particular protocol.

Equally you can go into Data and read all the operating information although it is live date its about 2 to 4 seconds slow. Nevertheless I used it a lot to read fuel rail developed pressure which was always a start issue on early Sprinters. Basically a good tool for the beginner, rising star top gun, or informed DIY'r.

There are add on accessories including a scope module that clips on the back so you can also read wave forms of specific components, as useful feature if the tool has it clipped on the back under the support U frame.

There was a follow up tool produced by OTC called the Pegysis. It was supposed to be a competitor to the Snap On Modis which for the Independent who is the all things to all men repair brands. It didn't live up to expectations and alot of techs got very frustrated by it. You will find these kicking about from time to time. Perhaps a bit of an overkill for a DIY'r but if you get tempted to buy one on offer just check to see if it hasn't been booted across the shop by an angry tech!:laughing:
Again I have been on OTC courses and observed some pretty involved critisisms of this tool
and acrimonious exchanges which is always a nice break in what might be a boring tech discussion evening after work.:rolleyes:

In any case don't overlook Craigs List a lot of techs are retiring at the moment or simply getting out of the business. Sometimes there are deals to be found, even some Snap on stuff but be aware they might need updating at about $1000 a year. But stay away from the old Snap on "red brick" too old!
Caveat Emptor
Cheers Dennis

Chris Francis
09-25-2013, 08:22 PM
My mechanic has an OBD2 (not sure which one). It read 7 codes on the van today. We had a communication error the last time we tried it, but that is because the relay for the ECU was missing. Now, van is turning over, but still won't run.

09-25-2013, 09:30 PM
Strictly speaking OBD2 is for emissions related info and every vehicle since about 1996 in the US has to use it and have a compatible port. The thing is, that manufacturers quickly realized they can use the same port to gather a lot of non-mandatory info so each started adding their own codes and other functions on top of the mandatory OBD2 stuff - this is often the most useful stuff and as you can imagine every manufacturer has implemented things differently, which is why generic tools don't always read it, or get it wrong. They should all get the basic OBD2 info right, although even then there are some slightly different interpretations depending on the type of engine and stuff.

Sounds like you are making progress.

11-28-2016, 12:35 AM
Hi, I am getting these 2 codes P0106 and P069. My ABS and ESP light are also on. Is it possible that the ABS light is related to the MAP sensor? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you