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09-22-2013, 01:33 AM
HI LOOKING for somehelp my CE light is on and it reads PO100 MAF or VAF ACKT
MAF could that be a new air filter needed?
VAF don't know where that is?:bash:
A CKT don't know what that is?:bash
This is on my 06 3500

09-22-2013, 01:56 AM
Low Profile,
What scan tool are you using?
DAD....DRB-III.... Generic.....what?
Also, where did you look up the codes?
MAF= Mass Air Flow Sensor that I believe is located in the black plastic box in the middle of the hoses running from
LH lower side of the Charge Air Cooler to the MAF Box and then into the intake manifold on your OM-647 engine.

Aqua Puttana
09-22-2013, 12:51 PM
HI LOOKING for somehelp my CE light is on and it reads PO100 MAF or VAF ACKT
MAF could that be a new air filter needed?
VAF don't know where that is?:bash:
A CKT don't know what that is?:bash
This is on my 06 3500

VAF (volume air flow)


A guess. ACKT = A circuit.

You need to be very careful with using DTC's revealed by generic scan tools.

This a Canned Response for Generic Scan Tools
Clicking on the blue arrow within the quote box will take you to the thread if you are interested.

You really should get the codes scanned with a Sprinter specific scan tool.

From 2 different code lists.

P2141 Cylinder #1 Injector Open Circuit_
P2142 Cylinder #2 Injector Open Circuit_
P2143 Cylinder #3 Injector Open Circuit_
P2144 Cylinder #4 Injector Open Circuit_
P2145 Cylinder #5 Injector Open Circuit_
(No P2146 listed at all for Sprinter)

P2141 Exhaust Gas ReCircuitulation Throttle Control Circuit Low
P2142 Exhaust Gas ReCircuitulation Throttle Control Circuit Hi
P2143 Exhaust Gas ReCircuitulation Vent Control Circuit/Open
P2144 Exhaust Gas ReCircuitulation Vent Control Circuit Low
P2145 Exhaust Gas ReCircuitulation Vent Control Circuit Hi
P2146 Fuel Injector Group 1 Supply Voltage Circuit

Your Ultragauge is a generic OBDII performance monitor/scan tool. When a DTC is detected as existing by the Ultragauge unit it polls the ECM to read the code(s). Being that the scan tool is not Sprinter specific, it may spit out the closest code definition which it has available. Sometimes that readout is accurate, sometimes not.

In your case of an injector fault...
There are many specific injector DTC's listed for the OM647. Some definition examples other than "Open circuit" are: "Injector Fault with 3 possible specific sub codes, some Injector Actuation Fault codes with 3 or 4 possible sub codes, etc.". I could go on, but I believe even just this short list gives enough example. The possible codes being missed applies for everyone using a generic scan tool. There are many more possible Sprinter specific codes, with sub codes, for other problems than just this injector example. A ScangaugeII, Ultragauge, or other basic OBDII scan tool cannot read them.

Until you get a scan with a Sprinter specific scan tool you may be missing some information that will help to pinpoint the problem(s). Generic scans are fine as long as their limitations are realized should the troubleshooting continue with no results.

That said, by resetting the codes with a generic scan tool you may have wiped out an important code which only surfaced at the time of the first failure and may never return again. That happened to me with my O2 related LHM. A O2 sensor related code showed once on my DAD scan tool to never return again. I have a perfectly good used spare EGR because I replaced it during the Delphi O2 sensor partial failure, LHM air mass code debacle.

As an aside, anytime that you get a scan by a Sprinter specific scan tool you should ask (demand?) for a complete listing of ALL the codes revealed before allowing them to reset. As I said earlier, there may be a code which you only have one shot at reading. With a complete list you can go back for reference if the repairs drag on.

A very detailed wiring harness inspection would be high on my list of things to do, but you really need to get a proper scan. Good luck. vic

Back to your question.

On your OM647 engine the MAF sensor is located on the outlet of the air filter box. There are more factors than just the MAF sensor proper which can trigger air mass codes. Don't just change the expensive MAF sensor without more information.

From a NCV3 related MAF thread.
Go back and reread this entire thread. Depending on the scan tool that gave you the code the DTC information and cryptic label your information could be vague at best.

The air mass is a calculated value which is monitored for expected range as to present engine operating conditions by using many of your sensors. The MAF sensor is but one piece of that. Off the top of my little pointy head problems with the boost pressure sensor, boost air temperature sensor, O2 sensor, EGR, and a few I know I'm leaving out can also contribute to a Air Mass related DTC. Sorry I can't offer more. vic

If the air filter hasn't been changed for some time then changing that is never a bad idea. Good luck. vic

09-23-2013, 05:17 PM
The scan tool that I used was a actron OBD ll enhanced Scan Tool I had this tool before
the Sprinter cant afford the DAD tool at this time retired fixed income so I try to fix what I
can with what I have to work with. Thanks for the info from everyone on this list who try
and help with the problems that do come up I've been able to fix the Old Sprinter.

I didn't look up the codes just read the tool screen.

I pulled the air filter on Sat. wasn't real dirty (as of oily ) but had a lot of fine dust in it.
Took the MAF out and cleaned it with MAF spray let it stand over night. Drove the van
Sun. and the clean up made a huge difference in the performance. I don't know how much
better it can run was already getting up 25mpg of course I'm Old and Slow and do mostly
Hwy miles when I drive.
Thanks for all the help