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09-11-2013, 11:14 PM
I have 5 2006 Sprinters and now on 4 of them the ABS/ESR/ASR-BAS warning lights are all on and the gear shft locks and has to be manually released. Sometimes when you first start the vans the lights will be off and the shifter moves but after a few minutes of driving or when you hit the first hill, the lights all come back on and then the next time you put it into park you have to manually release the shifter.

It must be inter-related but my repair shop has been stumped.

They've looked at 3 of the vehicles and replaced the brake sensor switch above the brake pedal but that has not worked.

They got a whole bunch of codes and were able to figure out all of them but the ones starting with a "C" which may be the root cause. Does anybody know what these codes mean:


Please help???

09-12-2013, 12:55 AM
What sort of scan tool are you using to develop these codes?
Sprinter specific (DAD/DRB-III/MB SDS)?
Or something generic?
These codes are all in the Chassis Systems--Brake and Traction Control Unit section of Eric Ord's awesome Sprinter T1N code book!

C51BB= Steering angle Sensor (B143) values are implausible!

Remedies for C51BB:
A. Check Tire pressures!
B. Inspect toe in values (alignment)!
C. Steering system components excessive wear.
D. Wheel alignment out of range.
E. Inspect wiring and/or replace steering angle sensor.
F. Tires may not be the same size or may have tread damage.

C5196= Does not show up in the Code book that I could find.

C115B= Does not show up in the Code book that I could find.

C5457= Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor (B80) value implausible!
a. Inspect wiring
b. The gap between sensor and rotor is too large or the rotor is damaged or dirty.
c. Unshielded electromagnetic equipment may cause interference.
d. Wheel speed sensor is defective.
e. Tires are mismatched or damaged.

C518F= Brake Pressure Sensor (A2/1)
Remedy: Inspect wiring and/or replace brake pressure sensor.
Looks like whoever has been servicing your Sprinters tires/brakes/steering system does not really understand
how the Sprinter ABS system works and that it requires care to keep the speed sensors clean and adjusted.
Have you had the brakes on this Sprinter serviced recently?
New tires?
Hope this helps,

Aqua Puttana
09-12-2013, 11:31 AM
I have 5 2006 Sprinters and now on 4 of them ...

Please help???
It sounds like a fleet. Do you have any aftermarket added electronics common to all of them? Incorrectly wired electronics can interfere with CAN bus communication.

Less likely given the long list of codes... Do you use some type of steering wheel lock system which applies upward pressure to the brake pedal? That can cause the brake switch adjustment to go out of whack. (There was a time when "Out of whack" was a high level technical term.)


09-12-2013, 03:25 PM
Hmm, I kind of suggested it in the original thread check the right wheel speed sensor adjustment first (there is a Dr A tech alert or write up on it in the forum somewhere), a problem with one sensor can cause the related modules to report a whole bunch of other possible errors, sometimes they even decide the ABS module is dead which is kind of an expensive item to replace unnecessarily. Check and adjust that sensor, clear the codes and then go for a drive and have them re-read and see how many come back.
Fingers crossed!

Actually, even before that, check every tyre sidewall carefully. Maybe you changed the tyre size on all your vans but forgot the spares, and the 4 affected ones now have their spare on one corner following a puncture and playing merry hell with the ABS module?