View Full Version : Proper oil filter for ASSYST ?

09-10-2013, 09:47 AM
I've been doing a lot of searching, but still confused... I see this Hengst filter offered by some dealers, such as www.dieselfiltersonline.com as "long life " filters for the 2.7L diesel
It has reinforcing bands in 3 places around the pleats.
However, the Hengst website calls for this filter E11H-D57, and makes no mention of a long life option. The Hengst site lists the E11H02-D155 filter for gas engines only.
The filters seem to be dimensionally the same, according to specs on Hengst site.
So, which one is correct for the 2.7L diesel with ASSYST ?
And, what's the difference in these filters?


Aqua Puttana
09-10-2013, 12:46 PM
I can't answer your specific questions.

I have seen a different style air filter listed for ASSYST, but I have never seen a specific type oil filter on BEVO or anywhere else. I recall that there is a "fleece" style oil filter, but that has been said to be for gasoline engines, not diesel.

"Extended life" sounds like marketing hype to me.

That said, based upon what I have read, I think that there are good and bad oil filter choices. Photoadjuster did a great job by starting this thread. Maybe it will help to answer your question. vic


Edit: There's some info on extended life starting here. I didn't read it through.

09-10-2013, 03:39 PM
Some websites contain mistakes, since that could include the Hengst site you are best to contact them directly and have someone look it up for you....

Chances are that it's the 3rd parties that got it wrong, not all sort parts that closely by engine code/chassis number, I often come across listings for vehicle parts that my vehicle simply doesn't have. Vectra anti-roll bar bushes are the worst I can think of right away, GM used 3 different diameters of roll bars, the diameters will correspond to an engine or body type (i.e. heavier for the diesel or estate, or sporty versions), but all the websites I have found list all 3 sizes for every variant so you have to go out and put a caliper on the roll bar before you can order them. Oh yes, and the front and rear ARBs are different making 5 or 6 different diameter bushes in total, at least they usually say whether for front or rear fitment to narrow the choices down!

09-10-2013, 07:05 PM
The regular filter should work just fine with assyst which is about the oil quality. I have been using the regular Hengst filters from dieselfiltersonline.com for 3.5 year and they work great. I just changed my oil again and put on a new filter about one week ago. I typically go about 12K between oil changes as this works out to twice a year - spring and fall - for me. The van runs like a top. I do not have ASSYST, I just go by the miles.