View Full Version : Engine stalled/died error P2124 injector circuit fault

08-28-2013, 09:27 PM
A couple of weeks ago my Sprinter engine just died while driving about 25mph near the end of a 700 mile road trip. I was still coasting, put in in neutral and tried restarting the engine, it caught and died and the CEL came on. Still coasting, I turned off the AC and tried it again, this time it ran and kept running and I drove 60 more miles home with no incidents. I checked it with my DAD, got a P2124 error, reset the error hoping it was a fluke.

A week ago, I did another 400 mile road trip. Everything was fine until I was about 5 miles from home, again driving about 25mph when the same thing happened. It started right back up, hesitated for a couple of seconds and then seemed to run normally but I got another CEL and the same error, P2124 Injector Circuit Fault.

I have searched posts and am seeing very little information, but what I do see on stalling engines seems to be caused by a short in the engine wiring harness or possible a bad ECM.

Has anyone experienced this error or have any guidance for how I can fix the issue? If it is a wiring harness issue, any help in how to figure out what circuit is shorting would also be greatly appreciated.


06 Sprinter 3500
37,000 miles