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08-24-2013, 07:58 AM
So I've been having this problem for a few weeks. Yes, I replaced the fuel filter about 2 months ago.


If I idle the van for a while (+5 minutes) and then go and put the van into gear in about 2 seconds it stalls out.

It will also stall out occasionally when decelerating to a stoplight.

I put the Star on it and ran quite a few tests. Here are the stored codes:


Here is the freeze frame data to the fuel pressure code:


I did a test on the Quantity Control Valve and it was spiking from -50 to +50 bar and the test said that anything over 25 was a bad valve. Because it was bad it was also throwing off the rail test that follows. So I replaced the quantity control valve with a used spare one I had (off a 30k vehicle).

I re-did the test and these are the results of the quantity control valve. As you can see it is right along zero with no spikes above 25bar.


After that the test runs a check of the common rail sensor and valve and this is the pic for that. The top bar shouldn't go above 12 and the bottom bar shouldnt go above 17. Both graphs were fine.


Through this whole time I had noticed that my MAF was constantly running at zero and my boost pressure was suppose to be a greater difference that 1.6 from spec to actual. I checked the intake hoses for leaks and couldn't find any. Here is a spec of my MAF:


I also did a leak test on the fuel return line from the injectors and no injector was putting out excessive fuel. All were very similar in comparison with each other.

I also did a smooth running test of the injectors to determine if any were going bad and they were all running within 3 rpm of each other. The spec for a bad injector was 20+ if I remember correctly.

After all this I am finally getting the Pcode 2016. "Rail pressure monitoring, Fuel flow was below the specified minimum quantity."


The vehicle idles ok upon startup but if you start to blip the throttle after about the 3rd time the 2016 Pcode comes up and the engine pulses. I'm not sure why the code is there because when I do a High pressure pump test, quantity control valve test, rail sensor and valve test it all comes back good, except for a MAF problem and a boost problem.

Are the MAF and boost issues related to the fuel problem I am having? What do you guys think?

Aqua Puttana
08-24-2013, 12:01 PM
... What do you guys think?
I think that you've done a great job so far and I want to own a Star unit. :cheers:

With all the data you provide I would call Doktor A and ask him to look at your thread. He stops in here, but not all the time. Good luck. vic

This is a canned response.

Doktor A is Andy Bittenbinder. An excellent mechanic/designer who specializes in Sprinters (and Porsches, and Saabs, andů ). He is generously willing to share his vast knowledge to those in need.

A most important phone number to keep handy.
I have it saved to my cell phone and written in grease pencil under my hood.

"Call my Sprinter Hot Line 412-366-6165. Doktor A".

Have a pad of paper handy when you call him.

Be certain to leave your phone number with area code each and every time you leave him a voice message.
He lives in Pittsburgh PA area. That is the Eastern Time Zone so show some courtesy as to timing your calls.

08-24-2013, 01:11 PM
Sounds like the Star Diagnostic software is zeroing in on your problem components.
I agree that a short discussion with Dr. A is a very good idea.
Where did you happen to get your Star Diagnosis system?
What was the cost?
I'd very much like to have one as well.
Is this the clone software from China...or something else?