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08-15-2013, 04:01 PM
I'm investigating and repairing some water leaks in a 2005 high roof. I'm going to post a long message with what I've found along with some photos, because my guess is that these leaks are pretty common. Perhaps it will help others with their problems.

Before I do that, I'd like to get all the leaks fixed. I'm wondering what people use to fix leaks? Silicone caulk or something different? My two leaks are:

1) Water entering the engine compartment through the hole where the driver's side windshield washer hose comes through. There is a grommet, but it doesn't seal very tightly, and it sits right below an indentation where water drains from the lower edge of the windshield. This water ends up in the insulation surrounding the cabin air intake and blower. Makes everything soggy.

2) Water entering the body above the windshield (not certain if it is through a crack in the metal or the windshield gasket) and coming down the driver's side roof pillar, then dripping from the hood release latch.

I'd like to know the best material to repair these leaks. Thanks!

For what it is worth, I'm also looking at how the gutter below the windshield drains. Mine was clogged with debris, but once I cleaned it, the driver's side dripped down back inside the engine compartment so it was hitting the battery tray. The passenger side seems designed to drain down the engine compartment past the windshield washer fluid bottle. Which seems strange to me, but I suppose it was a deliberate decision by Mercedes.

I promise to post a complete repair write-up once I'm done with all of this.

08-16-2013, 01:00 AM
I just fixed a leak in the middle of the drivers side pillar- ex dhl 2006 they had put silicon on the inside of the windsheild didn't work - it was following down the pillar to the speaker and also dripping on the steering shaft and down the center console. Took it to glass shop was told the entire drivers side was leaking. Had to replace seal and windsheild. $280