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08-06-2013, 03:15 AM

I am eternally grateful for this site and the users who work together as a community to keep people in the DIY/ broke as hell category full of knowledge to work on their sprinter. I am having blinker problems and it started as an intermittent problem but know seems to be almost never working. I also need to have a trailer power cord added to the van properly. Not by using the rear lights. That method doesn't work. I've figured that out. I think its what started my electrical problems. Also unrelated to the electrical problems I seem to have a very small oil leak around the EGR and I would like to have this problem solved as well. I am looking for someone who can point me in the right direction to have all of this work done at one place or someone who can perform all of these repairs. I am willing to pay and have no problem driving anywhere around the NJ/NY/PA area. Please PM if you can assist me. Thank you. These problems being solved by a knowledgeable sprinter mech will put my mind at ease.

In Short

Troubleshoot and repair Blinkers
Wire Trailer power cable properly
Troubleshoot and repair oil leak near EGR

Aqua Puttana
08-06-2013, 01:06 PM
This is a canned response.

Doktor A is Andy Bittenbinder. An excellent mechanic/designer who specializes in Sprinters (and Porsches, and Saabs, and… ). He is generously willing to share his vast knowledge to those in need.

A most important phone number to keep handy.
I have it saved to my cell phone and written in grease pencil under my hood.

"Call my Sprinter Hot Line 412-366-6165. Doktor A".

Have a pad of paper handy when you call him.

Be certain to leave your phone number with area code each and every time you leave him a voice message.
He lives in Pittsburgh PA area. That is the Eastern Time Zone so show some courtesy as to timing your calls.

Sprintguy Carl is also well respected and may be closer to you in Massachusetts. I'm not certain what dealership he works with.

Good luck. vic

08-06-2013, 03:17 PM
Thank you I called right away and left a message.

08-06-2013, 06:04 PM
If your engine is an OM612 from years 2001-2003, your EGR commonly weeps oil, it has a tiny hole just for that, but if it is increasing in volume it may be wearing out and DR Andy will know which is happening.

My signaling problems were solved with a new fuse box in the steering column, but you can try just lifting up the fuse box while pushing down on the top near the emergency flashers switch to push the multifunction switch and fusebox together, and see if that solves your electrical problems