View Full Version : Key fob doesn't work, cannot start either

07-02-2013, 07:38 AM
At first we thought the key fob needed a battery - changed battery and same result; cannot unlock doors or start sprinter since the ignition won't unlock.

Went to get second key and same result.

Since it's a problem with both the locks and the ignition, I don't believe it to be the key(s), and most likely whatever they have in common.

Will be taking a look at the manual, but maybe someone on here has run into this problem before and can beat me to it?

07-02-2013, 03:18 PM
Search "steering lock" in the blue.......this is a known problem with several fixes none are easy or cheap unless the tire is jammed against a curb putting tension on the lock:

dig in the past posting page three of the first link has detailed photos of the fix drilling the lock bolts to remove the lock and replace the part instead of replacing the column which one of the expensive fixes:frown:



Edit: Comments below have merit.......Sprinters and dead or low battery or poor connection from battery to critical components can give strange symptoms. Ground side as well as positive.

07-02-2013, 05:23 PM
I'm sure you checked this but is the vehicles battery discharged by any chance? I had it happen to one of my fleet trucks and the only way I could get in was through the cargo doors. Turns out they left something on over the weekend and the battery was dead.

07-05-2013, 01:39 PM
I haven't had a chance to check everything personally as I've been on vacation and have gotten texts/phone calls from the guys about this. Need to check back with the truck operator and see what he came up with....

07-11-2013, 09:52 AM
Finally got it fixed. Changed out the battery, then swapped out the alternator. Alternator fixed the problem, but also got more info from the operator that the battery would die if the truck sat for 2-3 days at a time; "this has been going on for more than 6 months".

Also found the backup camera that was installed was wired improperly, and giving a constant power draw - source of dead battery after a couple days. Re-wired camera and all is good.

Took alternator in and it tested weak.

Aqua Puttana
07-11-2013, 10:53 AM
Took alternator in and it tested weak.
Not that you asked...

Tested "weak"? It sounds to me as though the constant drain and resulting battery problems you tracked down would be enough to cause your problems.

The days of the good old GM bad diode trio seem to be behind us. Modern alternators are pretty much good or not. You may have a perfectly good spare alternator there. Just an observation.

Good job tracking down the reverse camera drain by the way.


07-11-2013, 10:58 AM
Saving the weak alternator for a core, will probably turn it in soon with the purchase of a new one to have on hand.