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06-29-2013, 01:55 AM
So, tried to go warranty route on EGR valve again. I let it get bad enough that it was misfiring, dead spots and the wavy power thing at every intersection and hill. Thats at about 2,000 ish km since last cleaning, dealer had it yesterday morning. After no calls or reply to message I walked over at 2pm to pick up. The service manager showed me the dreaded sheet of paper saying all is fine and they took it for test drive with no issue, I voiced my opinion seeing its been doing this for three years or about two months old and went on my way. Made it a couple blocks and misfired etc. So today I popped the sucker out and to my surprise, I guess during cleaning cycle it didn't close all the way, I grabbed it to force it closed and whooo wait a minute, leave it as it is. i took pictures and emailed service advisor and Mercedes Canada than decided to ever so gently carry the valve over to dealer. I showed the service manager how the valve is actually stuck open without even any pressure on it, he said they wont repair until the van either fails test or shows a code, they need evidence that its actually failing. I did mention that the failure is very evident and sitting on desk right in front of him, so I gave up and brought home, cleaned and went on my merry way with valve moving freely and van running again. My technical help needed is this, below are pictures of valve, how could it possibly pass the EGR valve test in this condition? I dont understand.



06-29-2013, 02:07 AM
couple more

06-29-2013, 02:22 AM
hay, maybe now that they built a new Mercedes dealer 1 block from my house, my house value will increase because of the demand by Mercedes owners to be close to dealership:lol:

06-29-2013, 12:08 PM
I can sympathize with the dealer's position on this one, in fact any dealer for that matter.

Basically these days before someone will pay out a claim they (warranty dept) need to see a fault print out of the issue. In short "No evidence No pay out"!~ It is as simple as that!

Try running a bottle very 10,000 miles of BG244 in the tank, it does wonders on keeping the soot reduced.

As for having dealership near my house. I would definitely say I am a Nimby bloke on this 'un!

One thing I will say about Euro and UK Town & Planning; These palaces of adulation to the motor vehicle are largely sited in Industrial areas or Industrial Parks hidden away in unit x, y, or z! Unless grandfathered in!

One of the peculiar features of North American conurbations is the universal clustering of commercial activities which you encounter as you approach a city on the highway. The marginal housing, the wrecking yards and big commercial undertakings which give way the the shopping malls and then yes car dealerships then the housing/dwellings which deteriorates as you enter the inner city! Only then to be repeated in reverse order and you grab a greasy burger and scoot on by to a.n. other next destination.

Denver where I now live just keeps expanding out with YES more bloody dealerships marring the view!
I often ask what about re-developing brown sites or stick 'em hidden in an industrial park where they damn well belong not blighting a neighborhood?
As we know its all about tax revenue for the city/borough where they get preferential planning permission. No secret there !
Its all about the money!:rolleyes:

06-29-2013, 12:42 PM
Just a point of interest and not an argument ............I do know one Manufacturer that does not need a recorded code to fix a symptom..........MB is particularly rigid on this code thing......which is ironic because the MB EGR system is far from perfect in design, function, maintenance and monitoring for malfunction.

Given the EGR history, one might thing MB would be more aggressive in fixing cars rather than saving a buck............not to mention every EGR failure is and should get the EPA going on a product update for non compliance emissions which in another theory that should have MB more worried about $$$$$

gary 32
06-29-2013, 01:08 PM
hay, maybe now that they built a new Mercedes dealer 1 block from my house, my house value will increase because of the demand by Mercedes owners to be close to dealership:lol:

Nice photos.
Why not just clean it? 10 minutes, all done.
Arguing with MB has been proven to cause cancer.
The gde tune disables egr and swirl valve related visits to MB.

06-29-2013, 01:48 PM

yeah, its different here. Very centre of the city is ok, then you get an ever expanding scummy ring from centre out with a final ring of new and pretty. I travel a lot and I am always amazed at differences. Been through much of EU, Mediterranean etc. Lately its been China, wife's Chinese so hay. Anyhow its very neet watching the developments going on there, was in Yichang and there was development on the river called Wanda plaza that looked like pretty nice way to live, 6 condo buildings surrounding green space (about 3000 units) and across street is giant shopping mall with a couple large office towers coming out of the top, across from this is beautiful park and the yahnzee river. These people wake up, go to work 5 min walk away, get off at 5pm and within few minutes they can be home, shopping mall, walking on river etc. There are a few citys being built from scratch over there now, really want to see.

06-29-2013, 02:14 PM
To all, I can truly say I believe Mercedes should be all over this. It is actually very dangerous and this LHMode sh$t should not be allowed, I'm sure a few of us have been through that. Problem Im having is Mercedes hasn't ever fixed anything on the vehicle, sorry they did replace urea pump.

Gary32, I know, I know, your right, I pop the thing out every 2,000 km to clean, takes 10 minutes, no frustration. hear the Renntech tunes even help, and there is one that offers this in Toronto and say EGR valve use is tuned back. Tell yah, 14 hours lost this month at Mercedes for nothing, that would easily pay for the tune. Im just not so sure that in this case its the EGR Valve, think the valve may be a victim of something else, thats why I was trying to push warranty. But, theres almost no hope with this, dont know if theres even mechanics working back there anymore. The way the injectors are tested for spray pattern etc is the computer saying all is good. Anyhow, guess tune it is and count the days until I get rid of the thing, no more dealer :censored:, I'm too old to be told to go :censored: myself every time I try to get any service. Besides, I will get to politely tell their Sprinter sales guy to go :censored: himself when he starts calling to order me a 2014 :smilewink:

06-29-2013, 02:19 PM
Arguing with MB has been proven to cause cancer

They should put warning labels on the dealership :lol:
Funny one is extended warranty, what scam is that :smilewink:

06-29-2013, 02:24 PM
Hay Gary, your van is looking hot! do you have any pictures of it? your doing great job with it and I have similar taste. I want to paint all plastic parts silver on mine, your headlights look awesome but you have a nicer colour than I chose.


its hard to invision, do I do the mirrors? do I do the grill?

06-29-2013, 03:06 PM
hay lindenengineering
Went to your web sight, you will appreciate my driveway at home!
That Volvo is 1999, bought in 1998. No rust anywhere and looks like brand new. we hardly use it but we can't bring ourselves to sell it, it will last another 20 years :bow: funny how things are, I'm digging rust out of 2010 van with Dremmel tool, the LR3 has nothing and the 1999 Volvo has none :idunno: times they are a changin :cry: heh, Volvo, Land Rover dealer is block and a half away :rolleyes:

06-29-2013, 03:22 PM
Given the EGR history, one might thing MB would be more aggressive in fixing cars rather than saving a buck............not to mention every EGR failure is and should get the EPA going on a product update for non compliance emissions which in another theory that should have MB more worried about $$$$$

Wonder what would happen if it actually failed an emissions test, would they be forced to fix it? ah, doubtful it would, probably strip all this stuff off and it would pass.

gary 32
06-29-2013, 03:33 PM
Nice van yourself, I like the silver
Black out the shiny MB thing on your grill and back door with krylon flat black plastic paint and I think you are done. Not a fan of the body color thing on these vans.

I could not persuade Renntech to customize their tune, ran it, recommended it for 6 years.
For 1200 miles now trying Green Diesel Engineering's eco tune with egr flow or swirl valve motors shut off, so far a positive in every area. Talk to Keith he may be persuaded to tune the 2010 and up MB.

My Chrysler zero deductible maxi-care extended warranty has been wonderful, my 07 is a Dodge.

06-29-2013, 04:09 PM
thanks Gary. Yeah, Dodge was real good. My dodge dealer was open till 7pm, always called and updated, code or not they would fix any issue, no problem. They fixed any rust on the 2008, they didn't care how it happened just found it un acceptable and fixed. Would buy from Oxford Dodge again.:thumbup: Mercedes is horrid, wont call or anything, always 2 to 3 weeks to get in unless a big failure. About month ago van was in, dropped off night before. They called me at 5:05 pm to say they couldn't go any further because some heater in fuel filter failed and van missed a regen so I would need to replace but service is now closed so wouldn't be able to do it till tomorrow. This was with a first thing in the morning appointment. I then said "just changed filter a few thousand km ago" he said we can't be responsible for aftermarket parts, I said you guys did it, he looked it up and "oh yeah, guess we will need to cover that" I said just park the thing outside. they should just put a big no sign over service counter:bounce:

funny, emailed a company in Texas called Poly-America, they make really good trash bags but couldn't find them up here anymore, they gave me better service for $20 box of kitchen trash bags than I get for a $52,000 vehicle. Texas companies seem good like that though.