View Full Version : Replacing Glow Plugs

04-28-2013, 03:02 AM
Does anybody have any experience in replacing glow plugs for the Sprinter diesel engine.
My warranty has expired and this is something I will be doing myself so if you have any guidance that you might want to share with me.

Thank you!

04-30-2013, 04:15 PM
Which warranty expired the 36K or 100K engine warranty or the 50K EPA warranty in some states? Mine were replaced free at 70K, In Ca.

05-03-2013, 08:15 PM
Some of them are easy to get to and some are not, The glow plugs (1,2,3, grill to turbo) are on the passenger side and (4,5,6, grill to turbo) on the drivers side. 1 and 2 can be changed without removale of passenger engine cover. The rest you need to remove the covers to gain access to them. You will need a T25, T20, and and E10 socket to remove the engine covers. You will also need some flat head screw drivers or small pry bar to move the harnesses out of the way. And a pair of needle nose pliers (prferably ones that can pinch at the ends) to remove the gray caps off the plugs. (Be carful as they are very easy to break trying to get them off. You need a 1/4 deep 8mm socket (non cornwell, snapon, or matco as there is a metal peice in there deep sockets that prevent them from going over studs and stuff of that nature, caftsman or Pittsburge works great). The sockets will remove the glow plug from it's hole, then your suppose to clean the holes wiht a brass brush to remove any build up in the holes. (Be extremely carful of glow plug 6 as the turbo, the wiring harness, and a bracket is right in the way of the cap and is easy to break it.