View Full Version : Starmobile Pairing problem - Help

03-27-2013, 12:50 AM

As a newbie here, and because I just bought a tool whitout knowing it needed to be baby sat by mother chrysler ... well here's my issue.

I recently bought this system having software version (SM desktop cleint v 7.04) and firmware 1.16 in it with standalone 9.0.something.

Yes, I can access the admin web page of the tool through a web page for setup and I can ping the tool through the ping windows command function. When I load the desktop client software, the software detects the device but doesn't want to pair with it for, "apparently", IP config error or disconected device.

I did find usefull threads in here with respect to the new firmware 1.8.1, but I dont want to do anything for now... well not until I clearly understand what's going on ...

Is it a SMDC version issue ?? Eventhou I'm newbie, I hope this thread could be usefull for others.