View Full Version : Replace all rear brake parts that are rusty.. Help and insight appreciated.

the brit
03-16-2013, 07:49 PM
My rusty 2003 2500 16" 158 high roof sprinter is about to get some love, some of which will focus on the rear brakes. I'm planning on which parts to buy, so would appreaciate any insight to the parts I will need and what to expect..

Replace Snapped E-Brake Cable:
The single cable running from the cab to the handbrake pivot actuator piece has rusted through and snapped. It seems like the PN for my long and tall van is 05119247AA - front parking brake cable $26.40. Can anyone confirm?

Replace brake hard lines from under cab to rear:
The hard lines are looking rather rusty, so we're going to make new ones. Can anyone confirm the diameter of the stock lines please? I'll order a big roll of new ones and flare / bend / fit them as needed.

Replace worn and pitted rear rotors, and pads:
Need to work out which size rotors (16" factory wheels) and which caliper manufacturer for the pads.

Rear shoes?
Does my 2003 have shoes for the e-brake? Sorry for the rookie question..

Could probably do with a couple of new ones. Probably stick with the stock 16" size.

Anything else?
Is there anything else I should expect or do while in there?

That's about it for now, hopefully once I get those answers sorted I can order everything up and get to work.