View Full Version : 313cdi sprinter passenger side fog lamp and licence plate lights

03-04-2013, 01:39 PM
hi all
ive got a problem eletrical with these two components.
i noticed my licence plate lights were out and there was a fair bit of corrosion around the terminals and bodywork on the actual licence plate light fitting so new bulbs and i cleaned of the corrosion on the terminals and body work and expected everything to work..it didnt
checked the fuses ..ok
checked the power to the actual lightfittings ..nothing
checked the power to the bodywork pin fitting connector ( the body pillar connector, not the pins)...nothing
checked the power to the rear light cluster....12v
checked the power to the rear passenger side foglamp..nothing.....driver side foglamp ...12v and bulb is on
so im thinking ...is there a fuse somewhere ive missed thats on the same circuit as the rear licence plate lights and rear passenger side fog light ?
i.e. is the rear foglamp and licence plate light on its own circuit?
ive checked all the under steering column ones and under the seat ones too.
another thing i noticed is when i took the rear fog lamp fuse out according to the owners manual from the steering column the drivers side fog lamp stayed on.
any help before the auto electrician gets called in would be greatly appreciated