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01-11-2008, 06:02 PM
Welcome to 2008.

When shopping for my 2007 Cargo, I used these brochures to cross check information from American Sprinter Sales personnel.

For instance: there's a 3-seat option in the states for the cockpit of a US cargo unit. If I wanted to know about heated seats for the passengers, I'd ask the American sales person if it were possible. If he said, "yes," I'd ask how come UK Sprinter literature says, "Seating – heated passenger seat. ONLY with single passenger seat." He'd check and say, "you're right."

We can learn alot from comp. lit. It's not just a useless undergrad elective :)

Altered Sprinter
01-11-2008, 09:34 PM
Australian specifications sheets at point of sales: General not specific, to requirements of options
suspension upgrades, 2000KG with reinforced axles rear.. optional.
Camper Conversions,similar to the US. two suspension upgrades available.One emergency the latter for campers
All convented cab chassis units... and... van conversions! now require separate GVM licensing with the department of Transport certified ADR full certificate's of modifications as to weight variants and or weight upgrades. If not re-certified by conversion companies The units can not be legally registered.
Specifications changed Aug 2007 3.55t through to 4.9 prior to cross over to 5T
You have GVM 3.5 3.8 4.1 4.5 4.9 single wheel /////5.0t +Dual.
Air suspension VB-Air and Glad-Rite now legal as an alternative suspension dual warranty Mercedes-Benz acceptance of systems, if damage occurs on after market suspension! the Original provider covers full warranty.
Option sheets separate, basic.. Negotiations with reps, to obtain full pricing and specifics to toys for the boys:smilewink: and mechanical upgrades, dependent upon final pricing, as to fleet discounts. Price increase for 2008 between 1.5% to 2%. Yes Folks they play the game down under, as well.
Adding thought? One of the advantages of Command GPS radio and screen 7" is the reverse camera can be in-corporated into the system, thus not requiring a second screen.