View Full Version : ESPAR mysteries, continued

02-05-2013, 07:39 PM
2003 Passenger Van, 139,000 miles

Two years ago, the ESPAR began to falter (when switched on, it would run for a minute, then shut off). I assumed it was a fouled glow pin or sooty combustion chamber. This week, I failed to remove the exhaust pipe from the ESPAR unit, so could not remove the heater to disassemble. Next time I approach the removal, I will consider just cutting the exhaust pipe and replacing it with a new one. But that will be during the summer.

After refilling the coolant, I turned the heater on, and LO: it worked (sort of). It ran normally for about twenty minutes, and I then turned it off, as its one-inch diameter coolant hoses were very warm. But no heat reached the passenger cab, nor did the radiator hoses get warm. The heat is not circulating beyond the ESPAR coolant hoses. All dash heat knobs were in the correct position (as per the owner's manual) Is there some shut off? Thanks for any ideas....

02-05-2013, 08:01 PM
Electric coolant circulating pump on the firewall under the brake master cylinder not running? If not running, then the overtemp shutdown built into the Espar is not functioning (bad sensors or bad control unit).