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01-30-2013, 04:44 AM
Through a friend at one of the big three and Military vehicle builder



And there is a 390 amp alt version. The 2nd one is what was on an armored Sprinter. Does anyone one recognize any of the parts? I happen to find one of the tension idler for mercedes at maniac parts for 74.00 and another ver similar for 85.00. The big black idler wheel was both volvo and MB for 27.00. The cast mounting bracket is real nice looking. I haven't figured out why they extended the cooling fitting, as there seems to be plenty of clearance using the fan belt.

01-30-2013, 01:35 PM
I found some parts on europarts

Sprinter 2007-2013 > Engine Mechanical

Belt Tensioner-Auxiliary Belt 3.0 L Diesel Engine 2007-2013
Only for OM642 diesel with rear A/C & 220 Amp Alternator
Includes damper/shock absorber

This is NOT the main serpentine belt tensioner. This is only for those models equipped with
a second A/C compressor

Dealer List $144.22
Europarts Price: $96.74
Savings: $47.48 (33%)
Sprinter II 2007-2013
Roller is 70 mm diameter, 26 mm wide
Only for models with HD passenger rear A/C (with 220Amp alternator)
Mercedes/Freightliner Code H08
Dodge Code HBD
Belt Tensioner-Main 3.0 L Diesel 2007-2013

Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley 2007-2013

Serpentine Belt-Auxiliary A/C-3.0 Liter Diesel Engine 2007-2013


And also the idler wheel bracket

01-30-2013, 05:09 PM
Let's see... 800 amps at 12v is 9600 watts... about 13 horsepower (with no allotment for losses).

So the belt drive system would have to be beefy enough to transfer (conservative guess) at least 20 horsepower.
That's going to affect number of belts, wrap-angle, etc etc

(Then i went and looked at the links... those are "only" 200 and 270 amp systems, so we're down to transferring only 6 or so horsepower)((270a*14.4v=3888 watts/746=5.2hp)))


01-30-2013, 10:16 PM
Don't know exactly how it's all done but the one I seen had 1-270 and 2 - 390 amp alts, for a communications command center. The only pulley that appeared to not have 180 degrees of belt contact was the crankshaft pulley.

So far I calculated $699.00 for a 300 amp 22si delco max installed IF you install it yourself, not including 1/0 welding cable and fuses. This is with a welding shop quote to fab the mounting bracket and using the 2 Mercedes idler wheels, tensioner, belt , after market or leece external regulator. I haven't been able to price the MB bracket, and it uses a tab or j mount, I'd rather do the pad mount for more solid mounting. Those big alts have a lot of strain.

If nothing else at least we found a nice MBparts option........hope this helps someone out