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01-11-2013, 03:27 PM
Not sure where this belongs... But after talking with Garrett for a half hour I found the full part number and where to buy them.

2004 uses this - garrett# 7121200288
06 up is different..

one has a short arm on it the other long...

here is the long one

here is the short

Alot cheaper then buying a new turbo from Chrysler

01-11-2013, 04:07 PM
I would be much clearer if you would refer to the turbo VANE actuator.
You have a Garrett VNT (Variable Nozzle Technology) turbocharger on your
ALL Sprinters use the VNT turbos.
There is NO wastegate....that's pretty old technology.
You have variable vanes on the front side of the hot side of your turbocharger.
The turbo VANE actuator adjusts the vanes to provide more (or less) boost
pressure to your engine.
The ECM (Engine Control Module) controls the electronic VANE actuator in
'04-'06 T1N Sprinters with the OM-647 engine.
These actuators are linear electronic actuators and are electrically powered.
On the earlier '02-'03' Sprinters with the OM-612 engine, the ECM controls the
vacuum to the turbo VANE actuator so these actuators use vacuum to power
the link and turn the bell crank that adjusts the VANES.
I'm only correcting you as there is a fairly common mis-conception that because
Sprinters are turbocharged, the have a WASTEGATE.
A wastegate is nothing more than a spring loaded relief valve to dump excess turbo pressure at higher RPMS.
Sprinters do not have this feature nor do they need it.

01-11-2013, 07:10 PM
You know what I meant...

I called it the Boost Pressure Regulator... The guy over at Garrett called it A Wastegate Actuator...

Whatever its called or you want to call it, I found a place where they can be bought new, instead of at the junkyard or from Chrysler with the turbo at $1800 (my cost, your cost is probably closer to $2500).

So if anyone finds this useful, and if someone want to edit the title or my post in anyway, go for it... I only posted this to help out anyone that may ever need to replace this part...

01-11-2013, 07:20 PM
I apologize!
I must have come across too strongly and it was not my intention to scold you.
Just wanted to make things a little clearer.
I'm suprised that a tech @ Garrett would call it the "wastegate actuator".
Can't tell you the number of posts per year that folks new to Sprinters are
asking ....where do I find the wastegate on my Sprinter?
Answer....there isn't one!
With low mass rotating assemblies like are found in the Garrett VNT turbos,
just controlling the amount of exhaust gas that gets directed onto the hot side
bucket wheel seems to prevent overboost pretty well.

01-11-2013, 08:43 PM
No need for apologies... I'm sorry if I came off the wrong way, I in no way felt scolded or anything...

I know that technically there is no waste gate on sprinters. I don't believe any diesel even needs a waste gate, I think that's a gas job only... I just didn't bother to word my post technically correct...

Whether you call it a wastegate actuator or a boost pressure regulator or whatever you want to call it, everyone knows what you mean... Kind of like the ford starter solenoid is not a solenoid at all, its a relay, but most people call it a solenoid and everyone knows what they mean whether they are educated enough to know better or not...