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12-25-2012, 07:56 PM
So to cut a very long (and slightly painful) story short, I had purchased a 2008 315 sprinter with 100k miles, on the way home the engine decided it didn't want a new owner. some theory's about overfilled oil and some about unrelated bottom end damage exist but the reason why is not really important to me anymore. The engine was simply seized solid.
After figuring out a way to get the vehicle back to the seller the next morning i received a phone call from him and he did agree with me that the engine was fecked! and without getting into details he agreed to pay towards the engine and pay for the van to be recovered home to me (some 200 miles away) and i was as happy as i was gonna be. Loving nothing less than a good challenge over my time off at xmas, I collected an engine with 55k miles on it and slightly "modified" i was told - to prevent a problem in the bottom end which was affecting these engines, although the man behind the counter was less than willing to disclose what the modification was - and i started into ripping out the old engine.

The first day consisted of taking the front grill off, the metal strip below that, the bumper, crash bar and radiator. Basically everything at the front of the van was removed, leaving me with nice easy access to the engine.
The removal process was actually quite simple. Manual box so only a clutch hose to be taken off there. 4 torex bolts on the prop shaft, and 2 bolts on the back mount. 2 engine mounts on the front, 2 lambda sensors, a loom into the ecu and a few connectors beside that and it was ready to come out (not forgetting the exhaust of course) and that was day 1 completed.

Sorry about the photots, i will get the transferred over to the forum once i have time. and finishes the rest of the story. the outcome of whcih is a succesful one

12-26-2012, 12:31 AM
So what is the critical engine modification required??

12-26-2012, 04:22 PM
So what is the critical engine modification required??

Well, i was told that he couldn't say because then "every man would be at it". So he's either talking BS or actually has a trade secret!

to finish the story:

Day2 was spent transferring over the items that don't come with the engine, so that was exhaust manifold, fuel pipes, filter and various other hoses for cooling etc. When it came to the flywheel we ran into problems, the pilot bearing in the centre of the flywheel was knackered, and so i didn't want to go ahead and bolt on the gearbox. The remainder of day2 was spent trying to source a bearing and in the end up we were un-succesful

Day 3 was the Saturday before Xmas so unless i could find a bearing sitting on the shelf in a shop i was gonna be goosed until the new year. I did come across a similar bearing in an engineering shop, it would take 2 of them to make up the shaft length but it was gonna get me away. While i was getting the bearing pushed out/in my mate that had the idea of welding up the Dual mass flywheel as it felt quite loose. At this stage not knowing the implications and only having heard successful storys of it being done before i said why not.

So day 4 we collected the bearing, bolted the gearbox back on and slid the engine back in. After plugging in and plumbing up the diesel, the engine was allowed to self prime, and after about 30 seconds of turning over she fired! I did get an engine light but a quick scan revealed it was just errors related to having no diesel. Then it was the simple matter of remembering where each bit bolted on to the front.

In regards to the welded flywheel, I do in hindsight realize this was a bad idea, as i now have a rattling from the gearbox at tick over, which disappears with any rev or under load, but re-appears when the engine power matches the free-wheeling (if you get what i mean).

With this in mind i think i will try and source a flywheel.


Once again, my files are too big to upload to the forum, i will get them transferred over at some stage, here is my photo-stream until then