View Full Version : Help with part number. HP washer cover protector shim

Expert Marine
11-09-2007, 11:38 PM
I did the MBZ conversion and painted the valance to match. Since I have the High Pressure headlight washer system there are two holes where the jets pop out to spray the lights.
On the factory piece there is a clear protective sticker so the cover plate does not rub on the paint and leave a wear mark.
The Dealer could not find that part number. I called SprinterUSA (rudi) but no return call about it. Last time I asked him about it he said the dealer has them for under $10 bucks.
I know i'm a picky %$@#. I dont want to have to repaint due to wear marks later.

12-01-2007, 06:25 AM
You won't find a part number from Dodge, Freightliner or Mercedes, none of them show this part in their catalog.

You can make your own out of a piece of Clear-Bra. Cut the outside rectangle, apply it to your valance then carefully cut out the center for an exact fit.

Hope this helps,