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01-29-2012, 12:12 AM
I have just bought a 2003 Mercedes sprinter 413cdi Winnebago motorhome only got 65k on full Mercedes service history. it's been standing for several months as it was damaged repairable - just the motorhome body not the chassis.
Couple of issues:

1) the brakes are near useless - slow me down eventually but having to break really early - is this normal? I'm thinking of fitting new pads and disks all round - are there aermarket twin wheel rear rotors available? If so where please and/or anyone know the part numbers
2) when putting the box in A mode it works for a bit then gets stuck in say 3rd gear and you can then only shift manually unless you turn off the ignition and restart it. Seems to happen when climbing hills and probably related to problem 3
3) it's gutless has no power when put under load but shoots off on level ground - gradually slows to 2nd gear crawl at 40k's going up a steep hill - really quite dangerous and can't be right. I know it's a heavy RV but all the write ups say it's got a great engine. Must be some kind of sensor problem me thinks.

Thanks for your help guys this forums great.

01-29-2012, 01:53 AM
This forum rocks,
I did some searching and found some old posts and reckoned the turbo vane arm might be sticking. So lubes it and moved it as recommended and whilst I was there checked all hoses and sensors. found a dirty sensor so cleaned that and reseated all conectors. Also found a hose hanging from the transmission that has a rubber grommet on that should have been connected to some chamber, anyhow fitted that in and secured it.
Took it for a spin and the hill it couldn't getout of second on at 40k it now rockets up in 3rd at 80. And brakes are now working properly and gearbox is staying in A and changing perfectly.
It would appear a couple of small things and the merc brain freaks out and everything goes pear shaped.
So fingers crossed she's all good now and thanks to the forum I'm probably $500 minimum better off :o)
Cheers Dez

01-30-2012, 04:51 AM
Power loss sounded like "Limp Home Mode" or Turbo loss from the fouled sensor.
The brakes were probably rusty rotors from sitting so long and rust worn off now.

Please do as much reading on here as you can to find out all about your Sprinter.

02-01-2012, 11:13 AM
Ummmmm "Rockets up the hill in 3rd GEAR @ 80 MPH (or KPH)?"
How many RPM's is THAT?
Did you look at the tachometer?
If it was 4th gear (not top gear (5th)overdrive 0:83:1) you might be right on the
point of over-reving, but in 3rd gear 80 MPH would seem pretty much "over the top"
and could be damaging to your engine.