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10-13-2011, 02:38 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Seth. I work for Solar City in Albany,NY and we are using Sprinters for our install vehicles. We only have one at this moment, but we have another on order. Our company is nation wide and all braches are switching to the Sprinter. I came accross your forum while searching for information of the DEF fluid. I am only the guy in the warehouse, but Ive got to keep up on the maintenance schedule and making sure they are good to go. I am a member at multiple other forums for cars(Nissan) and Im not afraid to search! LOL. Ill post some pics of ours tomorrow when Ive got it here at the building. If any of you are interested in what Solar City is you can check us out at www.solarcity.com I look forward to learning new information on a new vehicle and being as much help as I can be!

Graphite Dave
10-13-2011, 11:09 PM
Welcome. Let us know what kind of panel you install on the vans. Should be good sales tool unless you have ladders up there.

10-13-2011, 11:43 PM
welcome and u better keep them clean in winter time Sprinters do like to rust!!! and Albany use a lot of solt on the roads!!!