View Full Version : Easy way to check and fill a dualie '07

08-26-2007, 06:19 PM
Hey, my dad has given me the task of constantly checking and filling his inside rears because they are so difficult. Hes tried many different "attachments" but they all either fall off, get torn off, or unscrew enough to leak air. One day he thought he had a dozen nails in his tire. All it was, was a 70* corner attachment loosened enough to leak all his air, leaving a tire with 5lbs in it.

Then he comes up with "easy and quick" ideas to fill and check the tire faster! By using that same corner, screwed onto the pump, from his mouth; "All you need to do is screw it on, and your done! fill it up, take it off, and im good to go!" but he doesnt see that the holes are very little, the stems arent tall enough, the screw piece is to small, and air leaks fast once the screw gets on the stem at a certain point until fully tightened.

Dad thought of taking he tires to a tire place to get new holes drilled, and the old stem holes plugged, but then said he cant afford to leave the van in the shop that long..

So, my question would be, to all you dualies, how do you do it, and/or what tools do you use?

08-26-2007, 09:48 PM
For the dualies (non Sprinter) we have on the farm we use dualie valve stem extensions. http://www.gemplers.com/ has them, item# M4006. The are a flexible hose and clamp. The clamp attaches to the outter rim. Sofar they have worked well, but we also leave the dual equiped pickup parked most of the time. Note, on advice of a neighbor I used thread locking compound on the threads when I put it on. You may also want to add a bit of weight to the opposite side of the tire to keep the tires in ballance.

08-27-2007, 12:39 AM
Yeah, those extentions were the first ones he got, and one got torn off.

I applied red locktite each time, no go. Maybe im just unlucky?