View Full Version : Sulfur Effect on 3.0 V6 diesel

08-26-2007, 05:43 PM
The 3.0 V6 in the US models requires the use of ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel as availible in Canada/USA, with a sulfur content of less than 15 parts per million.

I would like to know what the main systems that require such a low sulfur content are. Is it just the particulate filter? So then, hypothetically, one could replace the particulate filter with a pipe and then run a diesel fuel with a higher sulfur content in the event the ultra-low-sulfur fuel cannot be found (somewhat like in the 70's with catalytic converters and leaded gas).

Or would the higher sulfur content damage something "important" to the engine like fuel injectors, fuel pump, etc?

Altered Sprinter
08-26-2007, 11:24 PM
Your fuel bar is set at 1600 pi via the ecu command that controls the elctronic fuel pump , You have injectors to suite for ULSD Fuel If you use the older fuels over 500 pp/m then you will have trouble with soot emissions with the DPF
ULSD fuel in the states is rated 15/ppm nox but with the high not to exceed 500 pp/m of sulfur, most fuel is still running at up tp 800 pp/m with transmix transfere = 22 pp/m for nox emissions Shell is safe In Canada LA CA New York and Port Arthur the rest is suspect to modify back wards the injectors need to be replaced remapping along with dumping the fuel rails for an older series, the Piezara fuel rail system is designed for ULSD fuels only , if you run C.R.A.P fuel expect problems and very low MPG Richard