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06-10-2011, 11:14 PM
2nd week ownership of my sprinter, finally got time to finish installing a JVC KWNT3HDT nav unit, and a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. Just wanted to share my experience. Owning small personal vehicles in the past wiring is always a pain in terms of install aftermarket units. The Sprinter have a ton of space in the dash board it was very easy to work on. The toughest part for the whole job was the b-pillar trim and the seat belt height adjuster.

I used the Axxess XSVI-1784-NAV adapter which provided all the leads needed for the nav unit. Here's what I see from this adapter:

- 12v constant, switched and ground leads - works
- Illumination lead - works but does not respond to dimmer changes. There is a seperate dimmer lead but I'm not sure how to hook it up.
- Vehicle speed lead - works
- Reverse gear lead - works
- Handbrake lead - did not use so I don't know.
- power antenna lead - works I guess. I hooked it up just in case.
- Speaker leads - works
- Amplifier turn on lead - did not use

Very easy to use without much issues, even it was for 07-08 Sprinters. I wanted to get the steering wheel adapter too but both Axxess and PAC don't have one for the 2011 Sprinters yet. Now I think about it, should I try the steering wheel interface even the Axxess rep said it won't work?? I installed the rear view camera on the top of the driver side rear door to get a higher view in the back, ended up getting a Pioneer camera instead. I put a Y-adapter for the camera feed so it will supply to both the reverse gear as well as AV-IN so I can use it as a rear view monitor when I drive (grounded the handbrake cable so I can use the nav in motion). Worked like a charm.

The JVC unit is awesome. Fastest starting time (like 16 secs) and the nav response is fast. I looked at Pioneer and Kenwood and they aren't even close (Kenwood's Garmin interface was disappointing). Comes with HD radio and plugs ipod/phone right in with a standard USB cable, no need to pay for another special cable. The only thing was the screen resolution, weren't the best, but does the job. Sound wise it's a bit better than the Sound 5. I want to improve it but it's just too much work to sound proof the van. I put a personal message on the unit to remind me to turn off the inverter, so every time I pull the key out it will say the message. No accidental battery drain now.

While working on the wiring, I hard wire the power supply for the radar detector. I put the GPS sensor on the passenger dashboard, but I wasn't sure if my heated windshield will interfere. Glad to say both navigation GPS and radar GPS works just fine. Also added a clip on wide angle rear view mirror to get a better rear view.

Overall happy with the progress so far. Now I'm waiting for my mobility vendor to put a under vehicle lift and harness anchors in. Then I can take my daughter to places.

06-10-2011, 11:15 PM
More pics.

06-13-2011, 02:06 AM

I just spent the better part of Saturday installing the same headunit. The only difference is my Sprinter has the Sound 20 and unknown to me had a different harness. I contacted Axxess and they didn't know if it would work for the Sound 20 harness. I cut off the plug and rewired into a plug that matched but could never get the XSVI-1784-NAV to generate the switched 12V/10A power lead.

I was thinking of tapping the ashtray lighter which is switched after having no luck at the fuse panel. Did you hardwire the radar detector into a switched source? I suppose I could remove the drivers seat and get it there, (worked in our T1N), but I was trying to avoid that.


06-13-2011, 09:30 PM
Got it working by using the switched power block under the drivers seat, (I spent way more time not wanting to do it than actually taking the 5-minutes to remove the seat). Of course the steering wheel buttons don't work because the wiring instructions for the Axxess Integration Box are for a different harness, but I'm over it as the JVC has the volume knob which for me is better than the rocker switch. We had a backup camera from Airstream so I didn't need the reverse wire trigger but with an extra camera input I added a lead that I can use for something later on.


06-14-2011, 06:13 AM
I did forget to mentioned that I had the Sound5 unit. I am a bit surprise that the sound 20 would have a different harness. Glad that you can enjoy the unit.