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05-23-2011, 10:07 PM
April 2010 - flew to Ft.Worth to buy a 2003 Sprinter (140 hightop 198k cargo) $9500.
Drove back to Seattle, changed oil, filters,removed bulkhead & ramp. I then insulated, panelled, installed fan, window and constructed a very basic camper interior. (air matteress,campstove, ice chest)
Sept. 2010 - Left Snohomish, Wa. and headed east. Idaho, Montana, Yellowstone park. Then on to Devels Tower Wy. Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Corn Palace (Mitchell S.D.).On to Indianapolis. ( replaced front brake pads in my Sons driveway). back on the road again to Niagra falls, Fall colors in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine ( had a great lobster dinner).
Made a right turn and headed south. Mass.,Cape cod,Plymouth Rock, New York (holland tunnel,Ellis Isd., Statue of Liberty, Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Indepence Hall).Washington DC
walked the Mall from the Capital to Lincoln Memorial and back. Williamsburg Virginia, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach S.C. Then our first Motel in Columbus Ga. attended a basic training graduation for my girl friends grandson at Ft.Benning. On to Florida and Key West. Across the Everglades to Ft. Meyers. At Pensacola we watched a two hour practice training of the Blue Angels. The Gulf coast of Alabama,Mississippi,Louisiana (New Orleans and a trip on the Bayou) across Texas, Roswell N.M.,to Green Valley Arizona. stayed with friends for a couple of days then westward to San Diego.Then the final Right turn north with a few stops to see old friends. Arrived back home for Thanksgiving.
A great trip and a great Country. We really enjoyed ourselves and the Sprinter. We cooked most meals on a two burner propane campstove or BBQ. An $80 coleman refer worked ok.
I changed the bed and cabinets after our trip to make it more comfortable for the next trip. Anyone interested in a trip to the Panama Canal??

05-23-2011, 10:59 PM
Or how about Tiera del Fuego?
From Alaska.

05-31-2011, 06:05 PM
Anyone interested in a trip to the Panama Canal??

Wow. Helluva journey. It just proves: these are the best vehicles EVER.:bow::rad:

Don't forget that the Darien Gap is still just that. A gap.

06-01-2011, 12:51 AM
Well, this was a great trip, 3 years ago we did something like that with a GMC 1978 classic RV
now we have a 2008 Sprinter totally camperized has everything but a shower, last year we
travel 10K miles from the San Frisco Bay Area to Colorado up north to Canada, Lake Luise etc.
next Vancouver, the Island which we toured from top to bottom, back to Half Moon Bay near
San Frisco, our home.
You mentioned Panama and Tierra del Fuego, well in 1975 I drove all the way (except Darien's Pass) to Argentina in a VW camper and in 1989 shipped a Ford class B to Chile and travel 25K miles around South America including Tierra Del Fuego, spend 3 nights in Ushuaia the south most city in the world (80K people).
Advise, do not go to Panama, Central America is dangerous to travel, ship your van to Chile and plan a trip around the Southern countries, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, it is safe and much to see, Iguazu falls (boarder of Argentina,Barazil, Paraguay) most marvelous, the Perito Moreno glassier (only one still growing in the world) it is 4 miles wide, 200 feet tall in front of a great lake, Patagonia, etc.

I would like to ship my Sprinter to a European port and travel with it for 6 months, at 75 I can
do it and will but if you want to see Tierra del Fuego, I will meet you there. In September
with my daughter we will walk the 4 days trip on the Inca Trail from Cusco to MachPicchu.