View Full Version : Decoding dashboard error lights

12-20-2010, 09:44 PM
I have a 2003 FR MB Cruiser that has had the ABS and traction lights come on for most of this year, and l live in an area with no auth sprinter dealers. Thanks to this forum I got in touch with Dr A for general advice and with Sikwan who owns the Dr's DAD decoder. While visiting San Jose this week, he graciously spent over an hour hooking up and reading my error codes. Principally, the DAD revealed a C1102 open speed sensor at the left rear wheel. Wow---now that's specific! So maybe I can get my cruise control back next year sometime?

And thanks to Sikwan, who refused all offers of imbursement, I can now seek a mechanic to replace a bad sensor, or repair an open wire to the ABS distrib. box under the hood. Also I may need to find an affordable parts source for a new sensor. Anyone with exp. on wheel sensor problems feel free to speak up, please. I have no idea how this sensor may have gotten damaged as I was merely cruising down the hiway when the lights came on. Meanwhile I recommend my new friend Sikwan for valuable and timely assistance.