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08-28-2010, 04:30 PM
I'm a contractor and have a nicely stocked 170" van. I've noticed when backing up and parking over a curb, I return to the van and pull out, the rear bumper (I suppose) lightly drags the curb, which indicates to me the ride height lowered while parking.

1) why would that happen? I suppose the front end could be 'unloading'-if the front rises and the rear springs stay stationary, the bumper would be closer to the ground or the obvious the rear springs are lowering down a little.

2) a fix: an additional 1-1.5" would be nice. is there an easy way to achieve this? I rarely have short term high load situations (such as 21 80lb bags of concrete). I have read posts regarding airbags in the back: how much are inexpensive setups?

08-28-2010, 05:09 PM
Try this product: http://sprinterstore.com/spring_assist_kit.htm

I installed this on my 2008 2500 high roof extended. I am also a contractor and my vehicle is right at the max GVW (8550). I am very pleased with the product. It leveled out the ride, improved the handling, and decreased bottoming out over large holes. It is not so extreme as to be disruptive to any of the Sprinter's safety features as well.

One thing to watch for. One of the springs that was sent to me originally was defective. You must make sure that the dimple on the one side of the spring is directly opposite the hole on the other side of the spring. Otherwise, the thrust angle of the rear axle would be affected.

It's a fairly simple install if you have nice heavy duty jack stands that are rated for a sufficient weight. Chock the front wheels as well. I found it eisier to raise the entire rear end at once to do the job. I believe there are other posts about this spring assist kit as well. Just search "spring assist"

Hope this helps.

08-28-2010, 05:10 PM
I'd stay away from the air bags, and get a local suspension shop to add a helper spring or buy the above kit. Be careful you don't lift it too much. Doing so will affect the front end alignment (caster) for which there is no adjustment for.