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08-26-2010, 09:41 PM
Hey there all you Sprinter people!

Been busy...but reading here off and on. I have a question...

Is the oil supposed to look black after only 4,500 miles? I checked it and thought it looked kind of dirty. I'm attaching a picture.

Second thing...

2 weeks ago we were headed out of town on a trip and noticed an alternating whooshing noise and a loss of power. Of course I had read about cases like this here and thought that it could be a number of things. I've been so busy that I wasn't able to get out and look under the hood...but today I did and checked the hoses. And guess what? There's a crack in the upper intercooler hose! I'm happy that I found it and that it seems to be a fix even my husband would be able to handle...even though I'll probably do it! :) So thanks for helping to give me a place to start looking for the problem myself. (I may need someone to walk me through the repair!)

On another note:
We're still experiencing occasional stalling on deceleration. I even contacted the original owner of the Sprinter and come to find out that the stalling was why he decided to trade it in on a new one. :shifty: I called the dealership that sold me the van and told them that on the test drive we had a stall and the salesman made it sound like I had hit the key fob with my knee/hand and caused it to stall. They want me to bring it in so their service department can look at it, but we're 350 miles away and with the limp mode problem we were having...there would be no long trips for this vehicle. The previous owner said that they had taken in the van many times and no one could figure out why it was stalling. :yell:

08-26-2010, 10:27 PM
1. Dark oil - normal ops for diesel engines. Note: your hands and nails are too clean.
2. You've probably read all the ways to repair the hose until you replace them. Duct / electrical / F-4 tape or tire patches and someting to secure it - hose clamps, wire zip ties, anything to keep the air from leaking out.

I remember several others experiencing the stalling - seems to happen when both front and rear A/C is on and low rpm's. See if this thread is similar:


P.S. Jill send a PM - we are about 90 miles away.