View Full Version : Eberspacher/Espar Hydronic as domestic water heater for campervan

Van Campa
08-23-2010, 11:11 AM
I spotted a wrecked T1N Sprinter at wreckers yard.
Initially I was after a spare 12 V water pump/ as my heater system had faulty pump. They asked too much for the second hand pump so I first said no and repaired the motor on the pump by replacing the brushes.

Couple days ago I went back to the wrecker and was after a spare switch for the dashboard to run LED lights on the back and switch them on from the dashboard.
So I had another look of the van and thought that the Eberspacher heater unit might be handy for parts?
I haggled the price including the 12V pump, light switch and the Eberspacher heater unit for a bargain price. :thumbup:

A bit of dismantling and cleaning got the pump fixed and the heater looked better than I first thought.
The heater was almost squashed by the frontal collision the wrecked Sprinter has been but amazingly cleaning it proved that it may be OK? The exhaust pipe from the heater had been smashed so I did not get that.

I could easily diagnose the heater by replacing it with my existing Eberspacher heater box and I will do just that in due course.

So looks like I have another working Eberspacher Hydronic heater unit minus pipework, exhaust, cables, diesel pump and timer unit.

I thought of setting up separate water heater for shower and kitchen sink. I could run it from separate fuel tank and have it turned on by a switch without timer. I am an electronics technician by trade so wiring should not be too difficult?
Plumbing could be more of a challenge? Perhaps I could run it on biodiesel or veggie oil?

Has anyone done anything like this and give me a few pointers on installation?