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06-24-2010, 03:46 AM
Guys I need some help. I bought my sprinter back in June with 100k miles and it just turned 103k miles. Yesterday morning when I turned it on all 3 lights came on for ABS, ESP and Traction Control ( the yellow light with a Wheel) came on. I figured it was just a simple issue so started driving the truck and it wont change gears. My RPM is going up to 4000 with out changing gears. I took it to a local mechanic he checked the Alternator and said its BAD. I order the new ALTERNATOR ($365) through Dodge Dealer ship and got it in today. Had the mechanic install it but the lights dont go off. How do I go about resetting it or do I need to take it to a dealer. Any help will be appreciated.

06-13-2012, 06:33 AM
Unplage battery for about hour/two

06-14-2012, 03:31 AM
Check the abs/esp fuse that's under the drivers seat, usually between fuse #10 and #15, it might blown, if it's ok, you might have abs module problem.

06-14-2012, 04:03 AM
I had a similar error as a result of a problem with the valve body in the transmission (The T1N's and NCV3's use the same NAG1 transmission - see http://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2476 for more info on pulling the Valve Body). It took a Sprinter Specific diagnostic tool to clear these errors after I fixed the Valve Body issue.

The light with the tire in (ASR) it often indicates that your Sprinter thinks that you have the wrong size tire on one of the wheels and its either spinning too fast or too slow - this is often caused by a tone wheel / speed sensor (you have one one each wheel) being too far away from the magnetic pickup, or it has rusted up to much, or gotten damaged in some way. An error of this nature will clear it self after 3 restarts when the problem that caused it has been corrected (on a T1N).

You might search for discussions on this topic.

Items # 6 and #15 in this parts diagram are your speed sensors (from http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/ - 07vb-parts manual.pdf)

06-24-2012, 12:01 AM
a similar thing happened to my 2007. The problem ended up in the transmission control module under the drivers seat, but resetting the codes would relieve the problem for a while. Not an expensive repair and resetting the codes got me home from 2 different long distance trips

06-24-2012, 03:33 AM
2008/2500 bad rear left bearing, metal particles will bridged abs ring (got his on name) giving wrong reading to ESP

07-19-2012, 08:44 AM
Does anyone know where this speed sensor is located. More specifically does it exist on all sprinters? I never seen one on my 07. Where does the yellow molex connector plug into ?


Ian beaver
07-20-2017, 11:03 PM
What does this mean. Help

06-21-2018, 04:58 PM
So my ABS, ESP, Traction Control and "Brake" (in bottom of cluster, not parking brake indicator) came on and stayed on a few weeks ago during a long trip.

I remember the brakes working, but started to notice a weird pulsing if I had to stop quickly. I then took it to my mechanic who does a lot of diagnostic work and then I do what I can to save money. In this case they said my ABS Module needed to be replaced and quoted $3200. They said the part was $3000!

I couldn't believe it. I then did some research and came across this thread and others that made it seem possible to replace the pump myself. So off of EBAY, i bought a used pump that matched the part number. I did the install and all the lights were still on. I then figured I would have my mechanic do a brake flush and maybe that would turn it off.

He then said it wouldn't turn off because it is a VIN Verified part that has to have the VIN programmed into it tell the computer what to do with those lights. He said the brakes work, but the ABS, etc. may or may not.

Has anyone heard this or can help me figure out how to make these lights turn off??


06-21-2018, 05:22 PM
I had the three lights on 2 occasions. Both times it was a wheel sensor failure, and replaced under warranty. (2016 Siesta Sprinter RV) 1st failure lights on only problem was loss of cruise control. Lights reset on restart next am. But returned several times until right rear sensor replaced. The 2nd failure several months later, lights on- the transmission would not shift until above 3000 rpm then hard shift to 2nd and back to 1st. Stopped, restart lights out, normal until I got home. That was the left rear sensor. If those lights had remained on the RV would have been un-driveable--
Brakes will work but more prone to lock up without ABS.

06-26-2018, 04:24 PM
I also have a 2007 3500 Box van. Lost the serpentine belt and the same lights came on. Shop replaced belt but lights stayed. Shop reset module and lights were off for a couple miles than they returned. Not looking forward to a trip to the dealer!!