View Full Version : Q&A with MB/Daimler Vans Employees - ideas about how to make it happen

06-15-2010, 08:06 PM
Short story/bottom line:

I want to get an email like this


from someone telling me I'm invited to join an online chat with Sprinter engineers and technicians/repair specialists.

Longer story:

A few years ago I was on the prowl for all the info I could find about Chrysler's StarSCAN and StarMOBILE. In some cases, I had to register as a forum user to read attachments. I joined a lot of forums.

One of the forums I joined is http://www.lxforums.com/

I almost never log in to lxforums.com because I've attained all the info I needed. Still, every once in awhile I get an email inviting me to talk to engineering resources involved in the design of a Chrysler product.

Do I want to talk to a Chrysler engineer? No.
Do I want to talk to a Sprinter expert that can tell me why things work (or don't) the way they do (or don't)? Heck yeah!

I don't necessarily think Sprinter-Source is the best place to do anything more than link to a URL for an MB chatroom about Sprinters.

I do know that Sprinter-Source users are the people I want on the owner side of such a round table discussion.

It's a lot of work setting up a round table discussion on the web, but I think in the long term, it'd be worth it.

I'd like to talk to Ladsen, SC employees, to Sprinter Technicians, design teams, even market research people from around the world and - inspite of the monumental amount of work it would be to create a town-meeting-on-the-web situation - I think it'd be worth it for Daimler, current owners and new customers.

So having said all that, should we set up a poll for voting and see if we can get Daimler Vans/MB's attention?

Or do you have a better idea?


06-16-2010, 02:05 AM
I've seen these before, but have never participated in any of them.

What would be the best method for these types of discussions? Chat or Thread based?

It would seem something chat based would be better. How about the Ajax Chat...


...click on the Chat Demo link and just type in a name (no password) and click Login.

06-17-2010, 12:10 AM
Wow. Very cool. So maybe the heavy lifting is all about getting people behind the idea in the first place :)

Thanks, Seek!


06-17-2010, 04:16 PM
It would be cool to interact and toss in my thoughts and ideas..of course i would be on my best behavior. :hmmm: