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03-03-2010, 01:29 AM
Hello y'all!

Just wanted to share my experience about educating the mechanics about my T1N's at a local garage. That was the garage I was going to before I had my Sprinters. The guys are pretty knowlegeable practically speaking, and have a large truck bay area with a flat lift for alignments. Setup is perfect for my 158" wb high roof vans. I'm myself not a very handy man, and I do prefer to have someone who can do better than me for maintenance and repairs. I don't have much patience, or workspace at home, and end up breaking things as I learn (or before I learn). Are you like me? Does broken glow plug sounds familiar to you?

Thankfully, I've learned a lot from this forum, which has become the third website I'm visiting the most, after gmail and ebay. I'm very cautious with that garage place. I never hesitate going in for a talk with the mechanics as they are working on one of my vans. I'm bringing everything: parts I order online, fluids, filters. Often I'll print a tread from the forum to show the guys how to, like that tread about trans oil change. Brilliant! Now I bring my laptop with the DAD, and have always Doktor A's phone number handy.

Of course there was a few problems at first, like the overfilling of engine oil that brought my 2002 to beep for a week, but nothing really bad yet. That's always better (and cheaper) than visiting a dealer. The lesson I've learned is simple: get involved, and take the time to supervise the works, even help if you can. The dealership will not tolerate you go in the garage bay, but the small place will. I've learned a lot from reading you guys, and now I'm passing it to my garage. And with the thousands of dollars I've spent there in the last year (which are nothing compared to the thousands of dollars I've saved reading this forum), they love me big time now. I have their attention, and I'm less vulnerable.

The funny thing is the mechanic that takes the better care of my Sprinters just happens to hate German car engineering. Now that he's getting knowlegeable with the Sprinters, he's the one working the most on my vans. Funny how life is. In the end, I'm a better Sprinter owner.

Jef :bounce: