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Default Question on CEL, P2506 error code (ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Range/Performance)

Hi - wondering if anyone can help me decide if this error code is worth hauling my 2007 (NCV3 diesel) Sprinter back to the dealer.

background - this is an RV, so stored over winter in a climate-controlled garage. I've been starting it up every few weeks just to make sure it's working ok. About 6 weeks ago the CEL came on. I thought it might be due to old diesel, so I added about 10 gallons from a busy, but not highway traffic, place. drove it around for a while but the CEL still on. tried re-starting several times, no luck. did the same thing 3 weeks ago and no luck again. then the other day I got my new ScanGuageII in the mail and hooked it up. Read the error code, had the van idling for about 10 minutes and noticed the CEL went off (i did not clear it with the scan guage - just a coincidence?). i drove it around for a while and the CEL never came on again. Over the past 6 weeks, the times I've driven it, I haven't noticed a drop in performance, but I'm really not out to win any races in this thing so not sure it's running at peak performance - I did not have a problem revving it over 3500rpm and it made it up to 3rd gear on local roads (didn't try the highway). I had the H44 recall done a while ago, the van has 12k miles on it and was last at the dealer at 10k for an oil change (maybe they did a diagnostic check then, not sure). now I wonder if I caused the problem by starting it up and idling it for 10mins every few weeks (egr fowled up with soot?)

My ScanGuage shows a P2506 error code (ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Range/Performance). When I click the FRZD option, a few of the PIDs show some info:

PID04= LOD=0
PID05= WT F=418
PID0F= IAT F=418
PID10= GPH=0.19
PID11= TPS=99

I don't think the battery is bad, I always disconnect the power while stored. but in the past (before I figured out how to disconnect the power), I've had to jump it off the rv batteries. Not sure if that makes any difference. I'm assuming the P2506 error code has something to do with the electrical system, but that's a guess on my part. Also, those temperatures look high to me (418 IAT I think is after the intercooler, not sure what the PID05 temp is).

Any help would be appreciated! I don't like the idea of being stranded 200 miles from a dealer on a road trip, but not sure I want to be customer #1 with a Sprinter at my "new" MB dealer here in chicago either...

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Default Re: Question on CEL, P2506 error code (ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Range/Performance)

a low battery has been known to cause all sorts of problems. can you keep it on a trickle charger and leave it be? why would it run down in the first place (your mention of jumpting off of house batteries)? Them running down the first time could have done the damage...although I am no battery expert.
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Default Re: Question on CEL, P2506 error code (ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Range/Performance)

thanks for the reply. unfortunately there's no power outlet in the place i store my sprinter so i can't hook up and leave a charger there. there's something that drains the battery slowly - not sure but i think the light in the ashtray stays on. anyway, i found it easier to disconnect the wire near the accelerator rather than track down the source of the power loss. i wonder if the error code my scanguage read is from a year ago when the battery ran down, instead of when the CEL came on recently (does a CEL always generate an error code?)
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